Fiero Marmullo2Mastering – In A Nutshell:

– Upload your songs via Hightail or DropBox.

– We transfer your mixes to our workstation.

– Using EQ and dynamic controls, we enhance each track while balancing it with the other songs to bring it to the dynamic level you request.

– We trim the songs, removing any extraneous noise at the head or tail of the file.

– We output the mastered file to the proper bit and sample rate, adding dither if you are changing bit rates.

– We deliver the mastered files to you

Reference Audio:  If you can send some reference audio (songs you have previously had mastered or commercially released songs that will help guide us while mastering your songs), that will give us an idea of what you are after.



Naming Your Files:  It’s helpful if you name your files with extensive info that will prevent any confusion if there are revisions.

Something along the lines of this will work:

 – Louie Louie Mix 4_11.21.13.wav

This lets us know the name of the song, which mix it is and the date of the mix.  If there needs to be a revision, the next one would be:

– Louie Louie Mix 5_12.3.13