Fiero Marmullo2ASM Mastering specializes in mastering for both small and large music libraries.  Whether you have just a few tracks or a large library, ASM guarantees a workable turnaround.  In the case of large quantities of music that need consistency, then we can work out a budget and schedule that will fit your needs.

The production music world needs a large number of cues to sound consistent in level and frequency balance, while maintaining the organization necessary when dealing with a large number of files that may need different delivery versions.

ASM Mastering has mastered more than 300 CDs for libraries such as Megatrax, LA Riot, Nelvana and Olé since 2008.  We have experience dealing with all styles of music, from orchestral to dubstep, hip hop to acoustic and more.

If needed, we can also create PQ logs, DDP files, CD text files for compatible CD players and embed ISRC metadata for CD replication.

We also can do audio restoration for music sourced from tape, cassette, DAT, or vinyl.